Torque Sensors for industrial usage

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Data Micro Tor








TRX STATIC Torque Transducers 50Nm to 5kNm 



                                                    High Speed High accuracy  Torque Sensors contact-free signal pick-up based on magnetic field principle 
                                            and therefore robust and maintenance-free, with much higher overload capacity than strain-gauge based sensors.

                                                                      Flexible Steel Coupling for correct usage with Torque Transducers 


                                                                                                        Data for correct Couplings to be used:                                




 RT2 & RT2A

Rotating Torque Transducers with capacities from 0.5Nm up to 5000Nm. 2mV/V or +/-10V output.

Slip ring transducers  very usable for testing job where it's not running all the time ! If this are the case then please take a look at model RT8 with contact less transmission



Data RT2 & RT2A   
















Rotating Torque Transducers with capacities from 0.5Nm up to 5000Nm +/-10V output.

Contact less transmission  transducers  very usable for jobs running at long time .


























Easy Tork


    TRS     STAR




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BTR2 Test & calibration unit for Torque Keys